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Intermediate Instructor Floor Course - Outline

About the Course:

The Australian Pilates Academy conducts courses in Sydney, Melbourne and the Gold Coast and is divided into two phases along with a pre residential study period.



Pre residential study:


It is important that you are prepared to attend the Pilates Instructor training. Once you are committed to the course we will send you our Anatomy and Physiology Manual along with our Pilates Theory Manual that will explain Pilates in detail and allow you to comprehend the complexities of why and how Pilates works in easy understandable terms. We also send you our unique Workbook Manual where you will find a range of questions. The answers to the questions can be found in both the Anatomy and Physiology manuals. This study will begin you on your path to become a Pilates Instructor and will assist you in passing your first exam which will be at the end of the initial residential training.



Initial Residential training:


Phase 1. The dates advertised for the Beginner/Intermediate course are the initial residential days you will be required to attend for the course. Here is where we will revise you on your anatomy and physiology knowledge. We will go on with teaching you our unique instructional method and will practice this again and again so that you will be able to deliver the perfect product to your clients. We will look at 30 exercises, breaking them down and work-shopping them so that you will completely understand them in order to teach completely and confidently to your clients. We will exam you at the end of the week with a practical and theory exam. After the initial five days of training you will be qualified to instruct in group or individual Pilates training at an Beginner standard. From here we will move into the second phase of the training


Additional Instructor Training:

Phase 2. This phase is where we will enhance your knowledge along with improving your Instructional ability. In Sydney and the Gold Coast you will meet with you Pilates teacher on the first Sunday on each month for an eight hour workshop, if you are doing the course in Melbourne you will meet your teacher over two full weekends two months apart. On each of these days you will be revised on your instructional technique along with learning new things such as 20 Intermediate Exercises, Injuries and Diseases of the spine and how Pilates can assist in its management. We will also learn postural assessment. Here we will teach you how to look for muscular imbalances and the effect this has on the body through the myofacial meridians. We will then understand how Pilates can be incorporated to correct the imbalances of the body to promote better awareness, health and wellbeing. We will go on to expose you on how to use small apparatus such as the Magic Circle, Theraband, Theratube, small balls and foam rollers and learn how you can diversify you class will a great deal of variation to keep in challenging and interesting. At the end of the second phase we will conduct a final exam based on Pilates exercise knowledge, Instructional technique and you ability to perform Pilates Exercises. Once this is completed along with the required observation and instruction you will be a certified Pilates Instructor at the intermediate level.


Observation, Instruction and assignments:

Prior to the certification being issued all instructors must also complete 40 hours of observation and 40 hours of instruction and 40 hours of Self Mastery. This all leads to improving your overall instruction technique, your knowledge of the exercises and understanding of what is required to make the exercise work so that you can become the best instructor possible. This is completed in between the times we meet each month along with assignments on such things such as designing beginner and intermediate routine, conducting research on Injuries and diseases of the spine and conducting a full posture assessment on a client and preparing a program for them to be trained with along with future planning for the individual needs of the client.


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Selection Requirements


There is no strict selection criteria for those wishing to train. It is our experience, that there are many people who make excellent teachers. It is important though; instructors have a reasonable level of Pilates experience and body awareness. We are prepared to accept those who have a sound level of experience in careers relating to Dancing, Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Chiropractor, Myopathy or Fitness. Pilates trainers must hold a current First Aid Certificate and be Physically Fit. Sound Knowledge in Anatomy and Physiology, in particular of the core region and related stabilizing muscles and the Pilates method of delivery by as taught by The Australian Pilates Academy and its instructors would be an advantage.


Your determination and The Australian Pilates Academy’s approach will assist you in your final outcome of teaching Pilates Excellence.


We do reserve the right to decline any application for training and  may ask that you attend classes conducted by one of our instructors as  this will allow us to assess your suitability for the course and as an instructor.


The Australian Pilates Academy has an active Recognition of Current Competency (RCC) and Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)program in place. Should you not meet the criteria above, in accordance with APA's RCC and RPL program acceptance may be considered once evidence of prior learning is produced.


Course Preparation


Pilates courses are intense and require a high level of fitness, strength and endurance in order to participate. Instructors should be well versed in Anatomy and Physiology in particular of the neck, spine and hip region. This is done through the pre residential study and should be started as early as possible to give you the best advantage and preparation for the training


So that you will be physically prepared, it is advisable that you attend floor classes in Pilates instruction by an instructor that is registered and trained by The Australian Pilates Academy. Once you have applied and have been accepted for the course we will supply you with our manuals containing The Australian Pilates Academy's own Pilates principles and exercise considerations, our Anatomy and Physiology manual, our unique workbook manual with a study guide to assist you in your initial preparation. All participants must be familiar with these prior to commencement of training.


What you will learn in the course


The Australian Pilates Academy has developed the most comprehensive short course available on the market today. In summary from the information above, you can expect to learn the following:


  • Anatomy and Physiology review, focusing on the core region, the neck, the spine, the hip and related stabilizing muscles.
  • The Australian Pilates Academy's own principles of Pilates training.
  • The exercise considerations which you will be able to apply to all aspects of physical training.
  • An understanding how breathing helps to reduce stress and increase performance.
  • Postural alignment from the feet up.
  • Methods of improving stretching performance.
  • 50 stretches and exercises using the Pilates method and variations of those exercise to cater for individual needs.
  • Exposure to using small apparatus such as Bands, Balls, Magic Circle and Foam Roller in classes
  • Continuous instructional development
  • Management of group class and its progression and development.
  • Client Screening and Assessment
  • Client development and progression.
  • Postural Assessment and Gait Analysis
  • Research on specific diseases and injuries of the spine and how to apply Pilates exercises to assist in their management.
  • Individual Client Exercise Prescription
  • Designing a class routine


All of these points of instruction are being researched to map and align them with AQIS competencies. The Australian Pilates Academy has an active Recognition of Current Competency (RCC) and Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)program in place. Should you be qualified in some or all of the above, in accordance with APA's RCC and RPL program, recognition of prior learning may be considered once evidence of that prior learning is produced.


The Australian Pilates Academy


The Australian Pilates Academy is working toward training recognition and accredited training with Fitness Australia. No other organization offers such comprehensive training as offered by The Australian Pilates Academy. The Australian Pilates Academy will not only teach you the Pilates exercises but will develop your skills as an instructor to understand individual and client development. You will be taught class maintenance, control, routine and exercise prescription. These are important steps of progression not offered by other institutions. You will join an elite motivated group of instructors that strive for excellence in training and perfection in instruction with the aim of teaching their clients not just what to do but more importantly, understanding what they are doing and why.


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