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Rehabilitation for Floor Course

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All Pilates Instructors will eventually have someone come to them and say that they have been told to do Pilates because of .....

The Australian Pilates Academy has developed our Rehabilitation for floor course so that all instructors will have a comprehensive understanding of what to what faced with the situation of a client coming to them for Rehabilitative purposes. On this course we will study 20 of the most common conditions that clients come to do Pilates for. Over a two day period you will learn about these conditions and then understand the indications and contraindications for exercise selection. Our course has been designed around Pilates training but you do not have to be Pilates qualified to attend the training. Exercises will be explained so that even the Pilates uninitiated will understand what to do for their clients.



If you are not Pilates Instructor trained, the prerequisite for this course is to have Anatomy & Physiology training. If you are a Doctor, Physiotherapist, Chiropractor, Osteopath, Myotherapist, Exercise Physiologist, Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor or Cert IV Personal Trainer you will qualify for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for Anatomy and Physiology. If you have not had formal Anatomy & Physiology training you will either have to complete an Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology course or complete our own Beginner Anatomy & Physiology Online Course. This course can be done online and in a time that suites you. The Anatomy & Physiology training must be completed prior to the start of the Beginner Pilates Floor Course. 


Once you have registered with the course we will send you the Australian Pilates Academy's manual on rehabilitation. This will be for the purposes of becoming familiar with its content. All attendees must have familiarisation with Pilates exercises, therefore should have a minimum of 25 hours of classes experience.


Books to be familiar with are:


  • Anatomy of Movement , Blandine Calais-Germain: Eastland Press 1993
  • The Complete Writings of Joseph H Pilates (Return To Life & Your Health) , Joseph Pilates: Bain Bridge Books


Over two days you will become familiar with 20 of the most common conditions for which clients will attend Pilates. Once a discussion of the condition has been presented we will discuss the following:


  1. Cueing and movement facilitation
  2. Adjustment of equipment for patient safety and instructor efficiency
  3. Movement sequences for treatment of specific lesions
  4. Progression of movement following an injury
  5. Indications and contraindications for exercise selection
  6. Integration of manual mobilization skills and Pilates movement (appropriate to your scope of practice)
  7. To create treatment plans through use of case studies


Once we have completed our two days intensive you will have time to put the lessons learned into practice. 



At the end of the two days of residential training, you will now be required to go on with the second phase of the Rehabilitation for Floor course. Here, you will be required to complete 60 hours of mastery training. The mastery training will comprise of you participating in corrective exercise techniques and logging each experience. Once this is done you may apply to do you final exam. The final exam will comprise of three parts


  1. Prepare a case study of an existing client.
  2. Create a video of you conducting a one on one training session with the case study, and
  3. Complete an exam on Rehabilitative techniques.


Once all these are completed, send us back the results and we will assess you for certification.


This course requires professional mastery for completion. You will be required to complete 60 hours of mastery work. The mastery work will comprise of 60 hours of mastery training. The mastery training will comprise of you participating in corrective exercise techniques and logging each experience. No paying clients are to be counted as instructional mastery.


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There is no strict selection criteria for those wishing to train. It is our experience, that many people are capable of being excellent teachers. Most important to us is that our prospective instructors have a reasonable level of Pilates experience and body awareness. This is not exclusive however, as we are prepared to accept those who have a sound level of experience in careers relating to Dancing, Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Chiropractor, Myopathy or Fitness. As us if you feel you are unsure of qualifying.


All Pilates trainers must be Physically Fit and have a reasonably Sound Knowledge in Anatomy and Physiology, in particular of the core region and related stabilising muscles. It is also an advantage to have a reasonably sound knowledge in the Pilates method of delivery as taught by us at The Australian Pilates Academy and its instructors. You can ask us where you can find our instructors.


It is your determination and The Australian Pilates Academy’s approach that will assist you in your final outcome of "Teaching Pilates Excellence".


We do however, reserve the right to decline any application for training and may ask that you attend classes conducted by one of our instructors as this will allow us to assess your suitability for the course and as an instructor.



The Australian Pilates Academy conducts courses in SydneyMelbourne and the Gold Coast. The Australian Pilates Academy is the leader in Pilates and Rehabilitation training using the Pilates method. 


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