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Posture Assessment Course

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To be a successful Pilates Instructor you need to have the ability to look at a person's body and realise in a short space of time where the imbalances are located and what to do about that in order to restore the homeostasis. The Australian Pilates Academy has developed the Posture Assessment Course. These days Allied Health Professionals are referring their patients more and more to Pilates in order to help them return to normal life and use the Pilates method to gain maximum specific strength. Our course will give you all of the necessary information to be able to complete a full posture assessment on you client and understand the imbalances in size and symmetry of the body. Understand the difference in tightness and weakness. Understand what reaction the body has when it becomes unbalanced and know what to do with all of the information you gather. Our course will teach you programming Pilates Exercises and assist in prioritising so that your client will return to normal balance in the most efficient manner.



The prerequisite for this course is to have Anatomy & Physiology training. If you are a Doctor, Physiotherapist, Chiropractor, Osteopath, Myotherapist, Exercise Physiologist, Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor or Cert IV Personal Trainer you will qualify for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for Anatomy and Physiology. If you have not had formal Anatomy & Physiology training you will either have to complete an Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology course or complete our own Beginner Anatomy & Physiology Online Course. This course can be done online and in a time that suites you. The Anatomy & Physiology training must be completed prior to the start of the Beginner Pilates Floor Course. 


Once you have registered with the course we will send you the Australian Pilates Academy's unique Posture Assessment Manual for you to study prior to the commencement of the course. There is no formal study for this course however you would be advised to read the manual in order to give you a better understanding of the information that will be presented at the course. 


During this phase we will cover all areas of postural imbalance, stability, strength and control. On the first day we will take you through a step by step process on how to assess a person from the ground up, front to back and left to right. We will look at a subject with a real problem and analyse their issue by taking you through their historical background, look at their imbalances. This course will be broken down into three simple stages:


  1. Assessing posture and determining what it is that actually needs correcting.

  2. Identifying the factors causing the postural defects.

  3. Correcting these factors to correct the posture.


These three steps are broken down into in our own unique workbook – enabling you to progress through it step by step. Each step will guide you through a process resulting in information gathering at the end of each of the three major sections. The completion of this gathering of information will provide you with the information needed to advance to the next step of designing corrective exercises for that person.


Through these three steps, the course will leave you with a personalised recipe for postural improvement, based on your individual imbalances and those of your clients.


You will be required to create a training program on the second day. We will go over this assessment and discuss its content and accuracy. We will continue this over and over again until you feel comfortable i the knowledge that you would be confident to leave the training and conduct your own live assessment.



At the end of the this course you will be required to conduct a live assessment on your own client. A 20 minute video is to be prepared of you conducting a brief of an assessment that you had conducted on your client. This will be assessed and you will be given feedback of the results. After this a certificate will be issued.


This course requires no formal observation, however, after 12 months you are encouraged to submit a second video for assessment to assist you.

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There is no strict selection criteria for those wishing to do this course. If you are involved as a Doctor, Physiotherapist, Osteopath, Chiropractic, Myopatherapy, Fitness training or Dance you will qualify for this course


All participants must have sound Knowledge in Anatomy and Physiology. It is also an advantage to have a reasonably sound knowledge in the Pilates method of delivery as taught by us at The Australian Pilates Academy and its instructors.


You can ask us where you can find our instructors.


It is your determination and The Australian Pilates Academy’s approach that will assist you in your final outcome of "Teaching Pilates Excellence".


We do however, reserve the right to decline any application for training and may ask that you attend classes conducted by one of our instructors as this will allow us to assess your suitability for the course and as an instructor.



The Australian Pilates Academy conducts courses in SydneyMelbourne and the Gold Coast. The Australian Pilates Academy is the leader in Pilates and Rehabilitation training using the Pilates method. 


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