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Pilates Exercise: Vertical Posture

The Australian Pilates Academy places great emphasis on your postural alignment to assist in removing external forces and stresses from your body. You will be taught how to hold you body in perfect vertical alignment which in turn will give you a greater awareness of your own body. Give you the appearance of being taller and slimmer.

Vertical Posture

Pilates Exercise: The Hundreds (100's)

The purpose of the 100's to strengthen the abdominal wall. Concentration is required to prevent the ribcage rising toward the thighs and prevent the shoulders from hunching.

Pilates Exercise: The Roll Up

In the past the fitness industry would have crucified you for doing straight leg sit ups. The roll up will teach you how to connect and mobilise your abdominal wall to promote strengthen and stability. This will also promote breathing, mobilise the spine and stretch the hamstrings.

Roll Up

Pilates Exercise: Preparation

Preparation promotes coordination of the arms and legs. The aim is to work the abdominal wall in order to prevent the back from overarching.


Pilates Exercise: Roll Over

Roll Over requires some Strength, coordination and understanding. It focuses on mobilising and stretching the spine while strengthening and the abdominal wall. Roll Over will also help to strengthen the obliques. These muscles are extremely important when rotating the torso

Roll Over

Pilates Exercise: Shoulder Bridge

Shoulder bridge assists in mobilisation of the back, lengthening of the abdominal wall. A graceful exercise when performed correctly that requires much concentration and development of the core region.

Shoulder Bridge

Pilates Exercise: Double Leg Stretch

This exercise requires concentration, coordination and strength. It helps to strengthen the adductors and abdominal wall while moving the centre of gravity. It causes you move out of balance to create balance which is the foundation of core stabilisation. It also helps to coordinate arm and leg movement.

Double Leg Stretch

Pilates Exercise: Pelvic Lift

Pelvic Lift improves basic mobilisation of the spine using the abdominal wall. It helps to strengthen and control the core and back and teaches you abdominal control, therefore decreasing low back strain and pain.

Pelvic Lift

Pilates Exercise: The Bow

Bow will help to strengthen and mobilise the back. With careful concentration, this exercise will mobilise your spine like never before.

The Bow

Pilates Exercise: Seated Spine Stretch

The seated stretch concentrates on stretching the Trapezius and Lumbar spine with a small movement of the feet it will also stretch the calf and Hamstrings. The benefit of this is that it helps to release those tight muscles in the shoulders and lower spine.

Seated Start Stretch

Pilates Exercise: Kneeling Quadricep Stretch

If you feel that you have stretched you quadriceps in the past wait until you try this. The kneeling Quadriceps stretch in particular stretches the Rectus femoris which is one of the hip flexors it also helps to connect the "T Line. It works with a posterior rotation of the Hips and an imagery of pressing the knee cap through the floor whilst drawing the rib cage away from the hips to assist in lengthening the muscle groups.

Kneeling Quadricep Stretch

Pilates Exercise: Lying Hamstring Stretch

To primary purpose of the seated Hamstring stretch is to stretch the Hamstring and calf muscles. With a light alteration in the alignment of the body you will experience a stretch like never before and when its done you will be able to mobilise you're hips with so much more freedom.

Lying Hamstring Stretch

Pilates Exercise: Lateral Stretch

Seated lateral stretch stretches the side of the rib cage and the torso. It also stretches the groin of the extended leg and the Hamstring. It also assists in rotation of the torso. Performed with the arms extended over the head or with the top elbow bent, you will feel extremely relaxed and loose around the rib cage At the end of this stretch.

Spiral Stretch
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