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The Australian Pilates Academy was established in 2002 from Body Fit Australia. The primary focus of Body Fit Australia was in Rehabilitative exercise for those who were injured and wanting to return to pre injury duties within the workplace. The Pilates Method was a primary tool used to rehabilitate injured people in particular those with neck, spinal and hip injuries. The founder of The Australian Pilates Academy, Peter Sheehy, has worked as a rehabilitative exercise therapist for over 25 years and discovered Pilates in 2000. Peter has diplomas in fitness, recreation and rehabilitative exercise and has worked along side of Physiotherapists, Surgeons and other related specialists throughout his career.

The purpose of the Australian Pilates Academy is to provide the best Pilates Instructors in the Australian market. Peter Sheehy has over 25 years of training experience and more than 10 years of instruction in both individual and group class exercise using the Pilates method. Peter has extensive experience as a teacher of physical exercise with the Australian Army. He was a specialist in rehabilitative care. At one point Peter was in charge of all rehabilitative care for soldiers within Sydney. Peter has also worked along side instructors at the British Army's Rehabilitative Centre of Excellence at Headley Court, England.

The Australian Pilates Academy's goals is to deliver the best functional Pilates training for the fitness industry, plus provide the knowledge to adapt Pilates based movements to all ages and abilities. We recognized that quality instruction is the most important aspect to the delivery of a Pilates class both at the individual level but more importantly the group class. Our instructors are trained over a 5 month period in floor instruction alone. After their initial training, our instructors are required to instruct and observe a further 80 hours of classes prior to being accredited. At The Australian Pilates Academy, we expect a high level of discipline and professionalism from all of our instructors. We are confident that you will find the standard and level of expertise and quality of instruction beyond your expectations.

With our instructors there is a place for you to start regardless of your age or physical ability. If you are unable to participate in "traditional" fitness programs due to an injury or physical limitation, Pilates might be an excellent alternative to help maintain or improve your health. Instructors can consult with your physician and/or physical therapist, if necessary, to ensure safe and appropriate workouts.

Double Leg Stretch

Roll Over


Single Leg Circle

Pelvic Lift

What you should look for in Pilates Instructors

There are different levels of certification that you can expect your instructors to have. Some centers certify instructors in just four days, or even a weekend. The Australian Pilates Academy offers a higher level of certification. Not only do our instructors complete 160 hours in total for certification, they also adhere to strict testing and examinations. Maintaining these high standards will earn us a reputation as the premier Pilates Training Center in the country. Some questions to ask you Pilates instructor are:

  • Where are you certified in Pilates? Tell me about it.

Click here to find an instructor accredited with The Australian Pilates Academy.

Philosophies behind The Australian Pilates Academy Pilates Method of Conditioning

  • "Physical Fitness is the first requisite of happiness" Joseph Pilates believed that in order to achieve happiness it is imperative to gain mastery of your body.
  • Reduce Stress and Fatigue
  • Make the Connection between Pilates and your Daily Activities
  • "Never do ten pounds of exercise for a five-pound movement" More is not more! The concept of working all the muscles simultaneously but continually switching movements is the most efficient way to build stamina.
  • Take back your Power by believing you can
  • Commit to Physical and Mental Self-Improvement


Mission Statement

It is our guarantee and obligation that The Australian Pilates Academy will provide the best possible service to all our customers without compromising quality, efficiency and reliability. It is our guarantee that all customers will be given the highest regard whilst maintaining this efficiency, the customer will receive the highest standard of service from our qualified professional instructors and staff. Our expertise is at your service.

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