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Thanks for such a comprehensive training in both Reformer and Floor courses Peter. Your teaching methods reflect passion and integrity for the Pilates method. I look forward to learning more when my mastery is complete!
Posted By: Carmel
Personal Trainer, Group Ex instructor, Kinesiology practitioner, North West Sydney
When I first met Peter it was obvious to me how passionate he is about what he does. Thank you Peter for your professionalism and dedication with the classes you facilitated for us at The Golden Door Health Retreat, they were outstanding, and our guests absolutely loved you and your classes.

Sally Dickinson
Program Manager
The Golden Door Elysia
Posted By: Sally Dickinson
I have found that Pilates for me has been a balance of strength and flexibility building exercises that has given me a great sense of well being and awareness
Posted By: Kerrie Wood
I have found both the mat and reformer classes have significantly improved my lower back pain. I now have better posture, as my core strength has increased.
Posted By: Leanne Boothman
I love doing Pilates - I suffer from low back pain and find it relieves the constant ache
Posted By: Robyn Jones
The instructors explain each exercise in the routine Step by Step advising us of the correct breathing and technique in order to work to an effective level. The instructors are true professionals in their field.
Posted By: Joanne Rathbone
The Classes and its teachers are everything that Pilates should be, disciplined, informative, strong and flexible. They inspire me to explore and continue to practice the method while teaching me the correct form and breathing. I have never found an exercise program that works the body and mind like this before – I'm sold!!
Posted By: Winsome Caune
I enjoy the challenge, the strengthening and the stretching. This method requires much concentration
Posted By: Tanya Ormsby
I suffer form Arthritis and often have pain and sore tight muscles. After each class I always feels light and agile and my body feels relaxed. The exercises actually relieve my pain which I normally feel in my tight muscles. I have noticed, since starting the Pilates exercises I also have more energy and am more flexible and generally feel much stronger. My husband has even commented that my movements are much freer than before. I look forward to the Pilates classes and recommend them to anyone wanting to improve their flexibility and strength.
Posted By: Paula Blonda-Rozakis
The Pilates method as delivered by The Australian Pilates Academy is my exercise regime of choice as it is an all over body workout for me. It tones and strengthens my body whilst maintaining my ideal body size and weight. The breathing techniques taught in the sessions have also improved my breathing ability as I was an allergy and sinusitis sufferer. I cannot recommend Pilates highly enough as it is the greatest form of exercise with The Australian Pilate Academy supplying some of the greatest Pilates instructors available.
Posted By: Mireille Mazzarolo
Peter offers some of the best training I have come across, in all matters: content, detail, communication, atmosphere and stimulation. The strongest attributes of Peter’s courses are his positivity and passion for the material and the ongoing support. It’s such a pleasure to learn with someone that makes it such fun to feel challenged
Posted By: Tiffany Goeldner

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